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Our City through Our Eyes

Garland Eyes is Garland, Texas. Garland Eyes is stories of Garland and its people told with a camera, one image at a time. The stories can be powerful while muted, personal while public. They may be edgy or square, simple or indescribable. Whatever they are, they are our stories.

Garland Eyes is a website that displays what we see. It is the world’s first citywide photoblog.

Images are of Garland, or by someone from Garland, or of someone from Garland—every photo is directly linked to Garland.

The general Garland Eyes philosophy: "Stories" should be simple—the adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, is appropriate. Let the image do the talking. We generally prefer photos that are on the artistic side, that moved the photographer one or two steps beyond his comfort zone, that bring a new perspective to the common view. We won't usually identify individuals in the photos, unless it is necessary to the story. Regardless, we never identify minors without parent permission.


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Last updated Wednesday Nov 26, 2014